Hình Ảnh Ngày Ơn Gọi – Come and See 2019

“Come and follow me; I will make you fishers of men” (Mt 4, 19)

God is calling in silence. His call is soft and eager. ” Come and follow me”. Many have heard his voice, and some has answered. We, sisters of Lovers of Holy Cross of GoVap, had a chance to welcome 12 young girls who were willing to open their hearts for God to step in and walk along with them in vocation discernment.

How wonderful it was that we all had time together in praying, sharing stories, discerning God’s will, and playing in Holy Spirit. It was truly a valuable experience for all of us that God has touched our hearts and renew them.

We pray that there will be more young people who dare to take a step up in answering God’s call and serving His people in religious life.

If you are thinking about becoming a nun or are discerning any major life decision, find ways to test it out and don’t be discouraged if things are unclear or unsettling for a bit. Hang in there and know that the Spirit is with you and is guiding you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.


Sr. Huong Vu | 206 – 665 – 9571

Sr. Kim Tran | 253 – 304 – 8929

Thích, theo dõi và chia sẻ!

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